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"My session with Onome, was a prayer answered. I've experienced vocal lessons in the past but none as well rounded as this. Through intention, mindfulness and energy, Onome supported me in becoming aware of different aspects in which sound and breath resonate within me. She was very attentive and intuitive. With her knowledge of music, sound and energy, in one session, I felt like I could win a competition! A life changing experience. I look forward to our next sessions." N.R.B.

"I know I have come out of it a better and more confident singer and that Onome has opened a door for me into a world of possibilities. I hope to pursue this vocal discipline some more with her in the future." Sid W.

"Her teaching style is genuinely encouraging and welcoming. She provided a great balance of expert guidance with room for 'in the moment' exploration. I found myself comfortably taking risks and sounding in a group of improvisers that included both experienced and novice musicians and performers. I highly recommend her class!" Susan K.

"Thank you for creating this amazing space, I always leave feeling refocused and rejuvenated." Joanna S.

"Your course IS changing my Life and pushing me strongly into a direction that connects into my interests in language, music, relational rhythm and relational Harmony and cadences and theatre, 'random' and 'found' concepts and how we communicate as a culture." S. Lee

"My vocal training with Onome was a revelation. Her passion and love for what she does are heartwarming. Giving presentations for my job are no longer a source of worry or anxiety, I literally and figuratively enjoy speaking up now. And when she let me sing those high notes, I felt them all over my body. They brought back memories of how I used to sing all the time as a kid and teenager and how happy that made me. Unfortunately, adulthood shut me up, but thanks to Onome, I'm singing again. And I enjoy it so much." Anneke G.

"Spectacular, perhaps life-changing....It's not just one of the most enjoyable singing experiences I've had, it's one of the most enjoyable experiences, period. It was an instant dose of joy, warmth, creativity, welcoming, and diversity. I can't wait to do it again." E.C.



Vocal improvisation provides an opportunity to experience unconventional beauty in unexpected places, and to explore the internal landscape of the soul through sound. These specific offerings have evolved over twenty years as a teaching artist leading groups and individuals to use their creative expression as a tool for self-discovery and consciousness expansion. If you would like to bring such an experience to your concert halls, conferences, galleries, museums, schools, retreats, cultural centers, shelters, prisons, parks, churches, online, and other venues, please fill out this form: Schedule a Lush Tongue Experience. Customize an experience to suit your community's unique needs: duration, time frame, class size, theme, and more!

Vocal Coaching
If you are looking for a budget-conscious option to cultivate your vocal presence and develop healthy habits for speech and song, now would be a great opportunity to gift yourself a one-on-one Zoom session:

$40 per participant for an introductory 40 minute session!

Are you talking for hours on the phone, or in online conferences? Is your voice hoarse and fatigued by the end of the day?

Would you like to feel more grounded and confident in the dynamic capacities of your voice? Invest in a session with me. Clients leave my sessions feeling revitalized, inspired, more in touch with themselves, and a deeper understanding of what their voices can do.

Duration: 40 minute introductory session | 75 minute recurring session

Vocal Sound Bath
These times are unprecedented for our modern era, and anxieties are running high. Amidst navigating the terrain of our work lives, love lives, children's education, our health and that of our loved ones, and so much more, it is important that we take care of our emotional well-being.

Vocal Sound Bath is an experience that offers an opportunity to practice deep listening and heart-centered presence through vocal immersion, guided meditations, and small group exercises.

This class is for you if you desire to:

- connect with yourself and with others in an intimate and interactive setting
- release stress and feel more centered, energized and resilient
- immerse yourself in the soothing, transcendent beauty and power of voice.

Duration: 90 minute session
Class size: 2 - 7 participants

What are you invoking into existence? Voke is an immersive, experiential workshop series in which the power of your spoken, sung, written, and embodied voice is invoked to manifest your deepest desires, heighten consciousness, gain intuitive clarity, and optimize well-being. This workshop is designed for people who are interested in the power of the voice as a tool to heal, empower, and catalyze positive changes in people's lives: music therapists, public speakers, somatic practitioners, energy workers, artists of all mediums who are looking to expand their creativity. All music skill levels welcome.

Duration: Two hour sessions for seven weeks
Maximum class size: 10 participants

FUNdamentals of Vocal Improv
Discover and revel in the uniqueness of your voice! This workshop will teach you the building blocks of vocal improvisation. This is a safe and fun space to explore principles of spontaneous composition, such as form, dynamics and attunement. Each week, we will focus on specific elements of vocal improvisation to develop your awareness, skills, confidence and cohesion. All music skill levels welcome for Beginners series. Musical background required for Intermediate series.

Duration: Two hour sessions for six weeks
Maximum class size: 15 participants

Make Your Own Mantra (M.Y.O.M.)
Use your voice to tune into the power of your own wisdom! Your words spoken or sung in your own voice, using your own words, has a far more penetrative, impactful, transformative effect on your subconscious than only consuming other people's voices. In this intimate intensive, you will use your creativity to clarify, affirm, and amplify your deepest desires by crafting your original mantra through a series of individual and group writing and vocalization exercises, and taking your fellow mantra-makers higher with your support and witnessing. All music skill levels welcome.

Duration: Day intensive | Weekend Intensive | Two hour sessions for six weeks
Maximum class size: 10 participants

Vocal Tapestry
In this facilitated immersive group vocal improvisation experience, you get to embark on a powerful journey in which you explore the furthest reaches of your sonic imagination.

Duration: 2 hour session
Maximum class size: open



June 14, 2020
Open Sing
Online via Zoom

RSVP to trc@thomascabaniss.com You will receive the Zoom link in the confirmation email. You can download the free Zoom app here: https://zoom.us/download

Singing together fosters connection, empathy and leadership. And singing together improvisationally unlocks creativity, heightens intuition, and surprises and delights the soul.

Join us for this monthly workshop on second Sundays. Guided by Moving Star ensemble member Onome, together we'll navigate the online virtual space as an opportunity to embrace community by sharing songs open-mic style, and doing individual and small group improvisation sequences to help us find the music within and between us. Free event.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support and sustain Moving Star, you can do so through our fiscal sponsor, World in One Arts, at https://venmo.com/worldinonearts


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